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March Tea Blend - Spring Rains

Here in the Pacific Northwest Winter is beginning to fade into Spring. The cusps of seasons are times of intense change for our bodies as we acclimate to different weather patterns. It's so easy to become ill during these times that I like to be proactive. I also just like tea :D

The taste and smell of an herb can give us immediate insight into how it will interact with us. For example, Astragalus scent immediately makes me feel calmer, and supported. I settle back into my body and feel the Earth around me.

For this blend, I knew I wanted to start with Astragalus and Chaga Mushroom. Both have a heavy savory flavor. They are grounding herbs, herbs that help us center in our body and feel connected and fortified by the Earth element.

Chaga Mushroom & Astragulus Root

Looking at one of the many Herbal books on our shelf, The Herbs of Life by Lesley Tierra, she says, "Astragalus strengthens the energy and builds resistance to colds, flus, weakness, and disease. Every sort of wasting or exhaustion disease is benefited by it."

Chaga, is an interesting fungus that grows on Birch trees. Like most mushrooms it is a tonic for the body. It builds and strengthens, enhancing the immune system. It also has a slight hint of vanilla flavor when consumed as a tea!

With the hearty part of my blend nailed down, I wanted something lighter, slightly bitter, and sour to mirror the thawing and draining feeling that seems to me so important in Spring. Rosehips and Nettles are both nutritive but have that flip-side cleansing quality to them. I also felt the need to have some flowers in this blend since I cherish the first signs of blooms in my garden this time of year. Chrysanthemum is a good alterative, or blood cleanser, and the perfect balance to this blend.

My last advice for blending this tea (and every tea!), is to use your hands and touch the herbs as you mix. Your two energies will meet, which is the first step in ingesting them. Plus, it’s an opportunity to thank these plants for their medicine.

Spring Rains Tea Recipe**

- Chaga Mushroom (Finely chopped) - Ratio 1 - 1oz

- Astragalus Root (Finely chopped) - Ratio 1 - 1oz

- Rosehips - Ratio 1 + a bit more! - 1oz~

- Nettles - Ratio 1/4 - .25oz

- Chrysanthemum - Ratio 1/4 - .25oz

Heaping 2 tsp per 8oz or more! My motto is "Just eyeball it." Pour boiling water over your tea ball and let steep 5-7 minutes or longer if you really want it thick. Re-steep up to twice more, get all the goodness out!

**If you are pregnant or nursing please check with your doctor before ingesting any herb.**

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