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April Tea Blend - An Ode to the Yellow Flowers of Spring

I don't recall experiencing a wetter Spring here in the Pacific Northwest. The restless energy of our long arriving Spring can affect my moods, even though I am a staunch lover of our cloudy skies and of wandering in the drizzle. I can't deny my body's discomfort from the long dark months. This April blend felt like it should be Nervine heavy (an herb that nourishes and calms the nervous system) with tonic properties to help soothe and bolster my spirit as my body craves more light.

The grayness of Spring here always seems in such contrast to our April flowers who capture my imagination each year with their almost electric yellowness. Daffodils and dandelions just seem to explode across the region, not to mention the lovely Forsythia, and even the pungent Swamp Lanterns! I often feel like I'm drinking up their sunny joy with my eyes. An Ode, in Tea Blend form, seemed appropriate to integrate their fierce lighthearted nature into my daily Spring routines.

Lets begin with Mullein flowers, they are a beautiful sunny yellow and have a sweet flavor to them that reminds me of bee pollen. They are an excellent nervine, as well as anti-inflammatory.

The grassy gentle flavors of Oatstraw and Skullcap, also nervines, are calling to me as well. Both herbs help to calm restlessness, anger, and irritability. Frawley and Lad say of Skullcap in The Yoga of Herbs, " promotes awareness, clarity, and detachment." It is known as an excellent herb to use in tandem with meditation.

St. John's Wort almost goes without saying since it's antidepressant qualities are well known. It is also a blood cleanser with slight pain relieving qualities and has a floral spicy flavor to it when brewed.

The last must have for this blend is Goji Berries! Their sweet richly fruity flavor adds a more savory note to an otherwise light and grassy blend. Goji is a blood and nutritive tonic, especially high in beta-carotine, and always seems to add an element of fun to any tea blend.

Remember it's always best to mix your herbs together in a large bowl with your hands to connect to the plants and their medicine you're asking to enter into your body!

An Ode to the Yellow Flowers of Spring**

Mullein Flowers - 1oz - 1 ratio

Skullcap - .5oz - 1/2 ratio

Oatstraw - 1oz - 1 ratio

St. John's Wort - .25oz (to .5oz your choice) - 1/4 ratio

Goji Berries - 4oz - 4 ratio

Heaping 2 tsp per 8oz or more! My motto is always "Just eyeball it." Pour boiling water over your tea ball and let steep 5-7 minutes or longer if you really want it thick. Re-steep once more for the last bit of flavor.

**As always if you are pregnant, nursing, or trying to become pregnant, or taking any kind of medication double check with your health care practitioner before taking any herb.

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